Flowban stops an overflow

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Flowban® will automatically
shut off the faucets if you don't

the simple to use mechanical anti-overflow system that doesn't waste water or energy

Flowban® shuts off the faucets on a bath tub when the water level reaches the overflow. It stops water from being wasted and it prevents the tub from flooding. Flowban® saves water, it saves energy and it saves on costly flood damage. It does this entirely mechanically with no batteries or electrical sensors and it resets itself as soon as the faucets are turned off.

Forgotten faucets are a major cause of flood damage. Seniors, juniors and the distracted housewife can easily forget that they are running a bath tub. Hotel guests can also be forgetful, sleepy, drunk or simply malicious. Some guests like to lie in a tub that is continuously being topped up with hot water. Flowban® protects you from all these problems and can save you money.

The chief Engineer at London's Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane says; "Installing these is an insurance policy. It's not uncommon for a guest to leave the bath running and perhaps take a phone call or watch TV, only to find there is water all over the floor."

At the Hard Rock Casino in Tulsa OK they estimated that every flood cost them between $100,000 and $500,000. Compared with the cost of retro-fitting Flowban® at around $750, the savings are huge. “If only we had known about these earlier we would have put them in the build specification” is a common response from hotels and casino resorts.

Flowban® uses powerful rare earth magnets, there is no need for any electrical supply or batteries.

Flowban® uses powerful rare earth magnets, there is no need for any electrical supply or batteries.

Flowban® ‘s slim design enables it to be fitted on almost any bath. It can be configured to fit most bath and plumbing arrangements and should be easily installed by any competent plumber. It does need to be accessible and this needs to be considered in the bathroom design configuration.



Faucets left running can cause floods. Flowban® turns off the water to the faucets before a flood can happen.


Water allowed to go down an overflow of a bath tub or basin is wasted water and so is the energy used to heat it.


Guests can be forgetful - or even malicious. Flooded bathrooms mean lost revenue as well as costly repairs


Flood damage from bath tubs and basins, left unattended can extend down many floors. It can also cause structual defects.


Basin faucets may be left running. Flowban® helps those who can forget.


Flowban® is entirely mechanical. No electrical or battery supply is required.


Resetting is intuitive - Just turn off the faucets.


Flowban® uses simple pushfit connections and can be retro-fitted.


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