Shuts Off Water Supply to Faucets
Saves Water and Energy · Prevents Tub Floods
Requires No Electrical Supply or Maintenance
Automatic Reset When Faucets are Turned Off


Flowban stops Tub Floods. It shuts off the water to the faucets so bath tub overflows are a thing of the past.

It can also be used on certain types of Lavs and Sinks to stop them overflowing.

Flooding from overflowing baths causes water damage that is expensive to repair. In high rise properties such as Multi Family and Hotels just one flooding bath tub can cause massive damage to multiple units and rooms.

Even when a tub doesn’t overflow, because the waste can take care of the incoming water, the water flowing down the drain is wasted, as is the energy that has been used to heat it. Flowban saves water and saves energy.

Flowban is an insurance policy against tub flood damage. Maybe you will never need it but you can rest assured that a catastrophic tub flood event will never happen where a Flowban is installed.

There are many leak and flood detection devices that tell you there is already a flood, but only Flowban can stop flooding before it even starts. It uses no electrical sensors or a “memory” of normal flow and usage. It is a purely mechanical system that reacts when the water reaches a certain level in the tub. It resets itself automatically as soon as the the faucets are turned off.

Flowban Unit

How Does Flowban Work?

Flowban is connected to the overflow pipe between the outlet from the tub and the waste. The hot and cold pipes are connected to the supply ports either side of the float chamber. When the water level in the bath reaches the overflow outlet, water enters the central chamber and activates the float. As the float rises, the magnets that are set into each end of the float repel the magnets on the flapper valves in the supply ports. The flapper valves are pushed into the water flow where the water pressure holds them in the shut position. A trickle of water is allowed to bypass the flapper valve and out of the faucet. The trickle indicates the faucet is still open, but the water level will drop and the central chamber drain. This allows the float to revert to its rest position, but the flapper valves stay shut, held in place by the water pressure. Once the faucet is turned off, the pressure equalises each side of the flapper valve, it is then drawn back to the open position by the magnet on the float. The faucet can now be opened again and full flow will resume.


Flowban must be installed in a location where there is access, enabling it to be removed in the rare event of it needing cleaning. It must be installed in a vertical plane and be attached to either 1 1⁄2” PVC or 1 1⁄2” brass waste pipe. It cannot be installed on a waste with a trip activator passing through the waste pipe. The water supply pipes are connected using John Guest push fit fittings. Female connectors are required on the bottom nipples and male inserts are required on the top. The flow direction must be from bottom to top. The supply lines can be either hot or cold water or pre-mixed. In the latter case the flow should be split below the unit and reconnected above it. If required, only one inlet may be connected. Faucets may be located anywhere on the bath tub as required. The faucet controls can be fitted either before or after the unit.

Flowban Unit
"It’s fully mechanical, no electrical supply is required, it’s completely hidden from the user and automatically resets…"

Sizing in inches


Operating Parameters

Water Pressure
Maximum static 8 Bar 115 psi
Maximum working 12 Bar 180 psi
Minimum 1 Bar 15 psi
Maximum flow rate
through each inlet port
18 gpm

Water Temperaure Degrees Celcius Degrees Fahrenheit
Minimum 4°C 40°F
Maximum 70°C 158°F

Recommended fitting accessories or equivalent.
BrassWastes :- Fernco DTC-150
PVCWastes :- Fernco Proflex 3002-150 and Fernco 1056-150RC

Statutory Compliance

Flowban has only three moving parts. It uses no electricity, being entirely mechanical in operation. Resetting the system after shut off is simply intuitive. No user instructions are necessary and, if the installation is hidden by a bath panel, there is no need for anyone to know that a flood prevention device is fitted.

Maintenance and Servicing
Under normal usage conditions Flowban requires no maintenance or servicing. However it is recommended that a bi-annual check is carried out to confirm correct functioning of the unit. If foreign matter is obstructing the movement of the float in the central chamber then cleaning will be required but access to the chamber is very simple.

Where to Buy

USA Distributors
Aqua-Rex LLC
3301 Spring Mountain Rd.Ste 18
Las Vegas NV 89102

Tel: 1-702 304 2170


How much does Flowban cost and where can I buy one?
Multiple units of Flowban are sold only through regular plumbing supply houses. Ask your local supplier to call or email Aqua-Rex for a price. If you only require a single unit go to this website and buy online.
Won’t my overflow stop my bath from flooding?
In most conditions you would expect that the normal 1 1⁄2” overflow pipe fitted to a bath tub would be adequate to deal with the inflowing water. However some installations have very high water inlet rates to fill the tub quickly, especially jet tubs, so overflowing tubs are still common. On some jet tubs it takes eight minutes to fill it to the level where the jet tub can be used, but only five minutes later it will be overflowing. Even when the overflow does stop the tub flooding, water is being wasted and so is the energy used to heat it. Tubs left running for hours waste a lot of water and a lot of energy.
Can I install it myself?
We recommend installation is carried out by a competent plumber.
Do I need an electrical supply?
Flowban is fully mechanical in operation. It uses magnetically activated valves to shut off the water supply to faucets when the water level reaches the overflow and automatically resets when the faucets are turned to the closed position. No electrical connections or batteries are required.
Can I retro-fit Flowban on my existing bath?
Flowban is relatively straight-forward to retro-fit. John Guest fittings make installation possible even where space is restricted, although it’s easiest to fit FlowbanTM at the same time as a new bath.
Will I need to change my Faucets?
Flowban ought to fit easily with almost all bath and faucet configurations so replacement faucets shouldn’t be required. Please take a look at our instruction manual for more details.
What do I need to do once Flowban is installed?
You shouldn’t have to do anything other than enjoy the peace of mind Flowban can bring! Our unique design means that even when triggered Flowban self-intuitively resets when the faucets are turned to the closed position. No change of behaviour is required – the user doesn’t even need to know it’s installed.
What about my kitchen sink and washroom basin?
Flowban can be used to protect sinks and basins providing they have a separate overflow.

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USA Distributors
Aqua-Rex LLC
3301 Spring Mountain Rd.Ste 18
Las Vegas NV 89102


Call: 1-702 304 2170
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