How does Flowban® work?

FlowbanTM is connected to the overflow pipe between the outlet from the tub and the waste.The hot and cold pipes are connected to the supply ports either side of the float chamber.

When the water level in the bath reaches the overflow oulet, water enters the central chamber and activates the float. As the float rises, the magnets that are set into each end of the float react with the magnets on the flapper valves in the supply ports. The flapper valves are pushed into the water flow where the water pressure holds them in the shut position.

A trickle of water is allowed to bypass the flapper valve and out of the faucet.The trickle indicates the faucet is still open but the water level will drop and the central chamber drain. This allows the float to revert to its rest position but the flapper valves stay shut, held in place by the water pressure.

Once the faucet is finally turned off, the pressure equalises each side of the flapper valve which is then drawn back to the open position by the magnet on the float. The faucet can now be opened again and full flow will resume.