FlowbanTM has only three moving parts. It uses no electricity, being entirely mechanical in operation. Resetting the system after shut off is simply intuitive. No user instructions are necessary and, if the installation is hidden by a bath panel, there is no need for anyone to know that a flood prevention device is fitted.

Maintenance and Servicing
Under normal usage conditions FlowbanTM requires no maintenance or servicing. However it is recommended that a bi-annual check is carried out to confirm correct functioning of the unit.
If foreign matter is obstructing the movement of the float in the central chamber then cleaning will be required but access to the chamber is very simple.

FlowbanTM must be installed in a location where there is access enabling it to be removed in the rare event of it needing cleaning. It must be installed in a vertical plane and be attached to either 1 1⁄2″ PVC or 1 1⁄2″ brass waste pipe. It cannot be installed on a waste with a trip activator passing through the waste pipe. The water supply pipes are connected with flexible hoses using John Guest push fit fittings. Female connectors are required on the bottom nipples and male inserts are required on the top.

The flow direction must be from bottom to top.The supply lines can be either hot or cold water or pre-mixed. In the latter case the flow should be split below the unit and reconnected above it. If required, only one inlet may be connected. Faucets may be located anywhere on the bath tub as required. The faucet controls can be fitted either before or after the unit.

Operating Parameters
Water Pressure
Maximum static 8 Bar 115 psi
Maximum working 12 Bar 180 psi
Minimum 1 Bar 15 psi
Maximum flow rate
through each inlet port 18 gpm
Water Temperature
Minimum 4oC 40oF
Maximum 95oC 200oF
Recommended fitting accessories or equivalent.
BrassWastes :- Fernco DTC-150
PVCWastes :- Fernco Proflex 3002-150
and Fernco 1056-150RC

Statutory Compliance
FlowbanTM is manufactured using Fortron which complies with NSF Standard 61. Manufactured in compliance with IGC 241 – 2008a Universal Plumbing Code – Model No. NF/FB01 Certified for use only with John Guest push fit fittings. No imitations to be used.